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Do you understand the implications of the 2016 Health and Safety legislation changes? You must protect Workers from handling heavy forklift batteries manually. Contact Us today so we can recommend the correct solution.

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Portable Units

These are battery change systems designed specifically for use for small to medium sized battery fleets

Serious injury can occur during the process of changing industrial batteries, and a portable battery transfer cart is the ideal solution for small to medium battery fleets. Designed to withstand the rigours of industrial use, these units not only prevent accidents caused by manual handling but also make the changing process smoother and faster.

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An electrical driven battery transfer car that utilises a separate power system for its lift and operation of the transfer arm. Designed for safety, the safety lock system prevents the operator discharging a battery off the carriage unintentionally.

Another safety feature is the dead man operator platform which allows full access to the control panel and allows the operator complete freedom of movement during each battery change.

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Battery and Charger Storage

Spare batteries and chargers need safe storage. We offer solutions for safe storage via battery and charger stations or Adjust-a-rack.

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