Battery Regeneration


Battery regeneration is a method of restoring your forklift batteries capacity to an optimum working level.

Using high current pulse charging we are able to reverse heavy sulphation and reduce the internal resistance of your batteries plates. A small amount of sulphation occurs with every charge cycle your forklift battery is subjected to, and a small amount of sulphation builds with time.

Increased resistance affects your batteries ability to both charge and discharge, in effect, this suffocates the flow of power from your forklift battery to your machine. The high current pulse charging breaks down this sulphation and clears the way to allow resistance free electrical flow. This not only extends the life of your forklift battery but improves the efficiency of your machine and also your charger, saving you time, money and reducing your carbon footprint.

This technology is designed to work with Forklift Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Auto and and other industry related situations, such as scissor-lift batteries.


Regeneration with Battrecon Technology

Using this technology our mobile service is brought to your door, where we are able to regenerate your batteries on-site, with minimal disruption to your daily routine, Don’t let your forklift, or any battery run flat, call us for an on-site appraisal of your battery system.

For more in-depth technical details about the Battrecon de-sulphator, please visit the website

Battery Regeneration Service at Battery Life, Auckland, New Zealand


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