About Battery Life Ltd


Battery Life Borking Director, Brian Hewitt, Auckland, Neew Zealand

Brian Hewitt - Working Director of Battery Life

Established in 2004 in Auckland, Brian Hewitt is a working director with over 20 years’ experience in the Industry. Battery Life have the very latest electronic technology to Desulphate and Regenerate lead-acid batteries returning them to full available capacity.

All Lead Acid Batteries suffer from performance robbing hard crystal sulphation and fail prematurely because of it. Removing the hard crystal Sulphation achieves two significant things:

This is new technology and gives us a unique point of difference to the rest of the industry. This technology has been well accepted by many users and we have positioned ourselves as a ‘first contact’ choice for many end-users when forklift battery issues arise. Our experience, wide knowledge and extensive networking of the industry are well recognised and are a key asset to our continued success and growth.

Battery Life present an experienced, independent, professional alternative, with a focus on identifying detail that many of the ‘Big Boys’ are missing in their offerings.
We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, show you the process and see if we can apply its value to your batteries.

But most importantly...

We won’t try and sell you a new battery if you don’t need it!

And if you do need a new battery, we offer the best battery prices and service in town. We deal with all the major manufacturers and buy a lot of batteries, therefore getting great pricing which we pass on to you.