Forklift Battery Replacement, Repair, & Rebuilding


Forklift Battery Replacement

Get your forklift fleet back up and running - Battery Life offers a full replacement service including new trays, plugs and leads for motive power products for forklift batteries.

Our products are backed by manufacturers’ warranties – enquire with us today for a no obligation quote.

Or, to purchase a brand new battery for your forklift, we source and sell branded forklift batteries here.

Forklift Battery Rebuilding

Battery Life offers a forklift battery rebuilding service utilising your existing trays, plugs and take off leads, with competitive pricing and using products sourced from most major suppliers. While we will make recommendations of what we feel are products best suited to your needs, we respect the product choice is yours and will accommodate accordingly.

We also offer individual cell replacement and on-site repairs for all brands of motive power batteries.

Other Batteries

Both these services are available for other applications from automotive, and through to large UPS and Solar Power Battery type products

We also have a comprehensive range of sealed lead acid type batteries to suit all applications, and deep cycle and mono bloc type batteries for uses including forklift, golf carts, scissor lifts, campervan, sweepers and small solar applications - you can buy batteries at Battery Life knowing we will help you find the exact one to fit your needs.

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