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Golf Cart battery, Solar Battery, Forklift Battery, rebuilding and repair serivces at Battery Life, Auckland New Zealand

Why is it important to know the operational ability of your forklift battery?

You may have the best forklift, golf cart, scissor lift, UPS, solar system etc that money can buy, but its performance is only as only as good as the integrity of your battery bank. Are you getting the best from your equipment?
Contact us for an on-site appraisal of your forklift battery system.

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Our Services


Battery Diagnosis service at Battery Life

Battery Diagnosis

We provide a full range of testing to ensure maximum performance and life for your batteries. See More

Battery Reporting service at Battery Life

Battery Reporting

Prolong the performance of your batteries by taking remedial action before your batteries become compromised. See More

Forklift battery equalisation Service at Battery Life NZ.

Battery Equalisation

Your batteries life expectancy is determines by the weakest link in your batteries - avoid irreversible damage now! See More

Battery Maintenance Contracts at Battery Life

Maintenance Contracts

Regular Check-ups identify problems and increase life and performance of a fleet overall. See More

Battery replacement and Battery rebuilding in Auckland, New Zealand with Battery Life

Battery Regeneration

Restore Forklift, Golf Cart and other batteries to optimum performance. See More

Batter Room Design and and Saftey Training Services at Battery Life

Replacement & Rebuild

We carry a full range of batteries for replacements, and carry a full range of parts for rebuilding. See More

Battery Room services

We can help you with Battery Room Design, Maintenance procedures, and OSH Safety Training. See More